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Empowering Remote Work Collaboration with EdCast Learning Experience Inside VMware Workspace ONE

Blog originally published here by VMware on its End-User Computing Blog on April 9, 2020

Authored by Sarah Zou (Product Manager, VMware) and Neil Chintala (Director of Product & Engineering, EdCast)

Introducing Intelligent Hub x EdCast

Modern employee experience requires access to the right content at the right time to the right user in order to boost productivity and capability development. As more people are working remotely, the ability to access and share content that is personalized to each individual becomes even more critical. McKinsey estimates 19% of knowledge workers’ time is wasted in gathering information and searching for the right content, representing a significant productivity drain and impact on operating costs. Across the employee lifecycle from pre-onboarding/ onboarding to onramping, upskilling and offboarding, the access to right content is fundamental to the employees productivity and operational efficiency.  For example, organizations invest in a variety of third-party premium content providers. They also have internal content stored in various repositories. However, the experience to discover, access, curate and personalize this content is extremely fragmented and broken. EdCast offers the innovative AI-powered Knowledge Cloud that helps your employees discover and use any learning content or knowledge sourced from your external premium content providers, internal repositories, your subject matter experts, Learning Management System (LMS) and your team’s preferred web-based content resources.

By leveraging the unique strengths and capabilities of both VMWare IntelligentHub, as a champion digital workspace platform, and EdCast, as an industry-leading learning and knowledge cloud platform, HR and IT leaders can now unleash the full potential of their workforce, ensuring that their employees have an integrated and delightful experience for discovery and access of to a comprehensive sources of relevant content. This capability is becoming a core infrastructure for employee engagement in today’s Remote Work culture to drive hyper collaboration and boost productivity. “Our customers are delighted to see how Workspace ONE integrates with EdCast to enhance the employee experiences related to learning and knowledge management,” says Hemant Sahani, Sr Director of Product Management for Workspace ONE. He added that “by simplifying information discoverability and providing single sign-on access to all learning and development resources, organizations can expect to see higher employee engagement and retention.”

Bring Knowledge, Content and Learning in the Flow of Work

Today, Intelligent Hub serves as a centralized location to help employees get everything done. Whether it is device management, launching an app or approving an expense report, Hub is the one place to help you accomplish it all. We want to also bring external and internal sources of content, knowledge and learning into your employees’ daily routine, allowing companies to build a stronger collaboration culture with knowledge-sharing and learning.

We are happy to introduce the first version of the EdCast integration for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, which offers three key benefits empowering your employees to stay engaged wherever they may be:

• Enable seamless access of EdCast right from Hub App Catalog

○ Your employees already have too many logins and passwords to keep track of. Enable SSO integration to allow employees to effortlessly discover and launch EdCast at their fingertips

• Bring the power of EdCast to Hub as a Custom Tab

○ Provide your employees a unified interface to search, discover and access AI-recommended content from external content sources (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Lynda, Pluralsight, Coursera, etc.), internal content repositories (e.g., Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive) as well as content from internal subject matter experts

• Ensure your employees never miss another required compliance and security training session or upskilling pathway

○ As a manager, now you can deliver time-sensitive assignment notifications from EdCast to Intelligent Hub

Get Started

Given today’s COVID-19 crisis, businesses have rapidly shifted to remote-first work environments, and it is even more crucial today than ever that HR and IT leaders enable employees to remain productive and engaged wherever they are. It’s quite simple to enable the Hub x EdCast integration. Request a demo to get started today.

Our innovation does not stop here. We are excited to push forward and build on this partnership to revolutionize the employee learning experience powered by EdCast’s advanced AI-driven capabilities.

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